Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs Europe

We are Women Migrentrepreneurs. Finding our place, making our mark.

Hello world!

Hello World, indeed!  Migrentreprener Woman has been on my mind for the past months. Creating it and forming it in my head. I have talked to many friends and acquaintances about it. And now, I, together with my business partner, Iva, am very happy to finally be able to share this world with you.

Most of you may not have heard of the term Migrentrepreneur. It is simply a contraction of Migrant and Entrepreneur: Migrant + Entrepreneur = Migrentrepreneur. Are you one?

This blogzine and network specially meant for migrant women entrepreneurs, initially in Europe, is the first of its kind. And we are excited to be so.

Why a blogzine and network specifically for migrant women entrepreneurs?  

While they are like all entrepreneurs thinking about the bottomline, migrant women entrepreneurs have other issues to face as well. Language, new culture, new administrative processes, market issues, lack of network, and in the worst cases, discrimination may just be some of the obstacles they have to face. On the other hand, they too have multiple opportunities to take advantage of as they straddle two countries, two cultures and as the market expands and changes to open up to diversity.

Migrentrepreneur Woman therefore, would like to address their specific needs. Here, together as a network, we will try to face the issues with you and help you see these opportunities through relevant information, ideas and inspirational stories of those who have made it here in Europe and from across the globe.

We try to make language not an issue. But while making this blogzine multilingual is still in the works, those who would like to join the network can make a profile, or start a forum or groups in your own language. Those who speak or understand it are bound to find and connect with them.

We hope that in offering an information hub and a venue for the women to network, where they can exchange information and experiences, make new acquaintances, make connections, migrant women will be able to create their own opportunities, grow their businesses, expand their markets, and more. Finally, we hope that through this site, migrant women entrepreneurs will be made visible and will be recognized for the contribution they make to their families, their communities and the economy.

Welcome to Migrentrepreneur Woman. I look forward to getting to know all of you.


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