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B in Business: Food Truck

Source: via Reed on Pinterest

When I was applying for an extension of my student visa a couple of years ago, I remember going to my country’s embassy in Milan, Italy to renew my passport. Nearby, in a street corner by a park, I was happily surprised to find a pink food truck that served Philippine dishes. A Filipino husband and wife team ran the truck, catering to those who had to wait for their documents at the embassy.   I thought it was a great way to introduce my then-boyfriend-now-husband to Philippine cuisine. So I took him there one day to treat him to an exotic lunch at the park.

Why a food truck? Compared to a brick and mortar store, the overhead is lower. Though let’s not forget that truck maintenance and street parking would have its costs too. But the extent of the market would be wider as one is not tied down to one location.  The novelty of it may also attract some customers. To explore this business idea, here’s a round up of B’s in Business:

Business to check out:

The Treats Truck, as the name implies, brings baked treats to the streets of NYC.

On the Fly offers a new take on food trucks and serves organic, healthy on-the go meals.

Souvlaki GR started with a greek cuisine food truck and now has expanded to a restaurant.

Solber Pupusa, a husband and wife team found entrepreneurial success built on their traditional food.

Books to Read:

Blogs and Websties to browse: 

Food Truck Wiki

Food Truck Blogs

Mobile Cuisine

*Most of the links are USA based as this business trend has grown in the past years over there. Still, they are a good source of ideas and inspiration.

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