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Starting Small through MicroFinance

(Photo via Adie)

“Elisabeth adores her boss. It’s normal, it’s she. Create your business, create your employment with Adie Microcredit.  

This poster was part of a 2011 campaign launched by Adie, a french micro-finance organization to promote entrepreneurship and microcredit. I thought it was great.

Microfinance started in the developing countries as a way for those with limited resources to start their own business. Seeing the need for the same service, this support mechanism has been made available in Europe as well. Microfinance allows people who are unable to access traditional bank loans for various reasons to find an alternative financing. Many micro-entrepreneurs, including immigrant entrepreneurs, have accessed this credit system for start up capital, to purchase materials, to develop marketing materials or to invest in new equipment as they expand their businesses. It is also a way to create a credit history for those without any. What’s more interesting, some organizations also provide assistance and support in business development for first time entrepreneurs.

Below are links to some microcredit organizations/programs in Europe.

Belgium: CREDAL

France : ADIE; Crea-Sol

Germany: Mikrokreditfonds Deutschland

Netherlands: Cultuur end Ondernemen (specifically for creative/artist entrepreneurs)

Norway: Cultura Bank

Portugal: ANDC

Spain: CP’AC (Barcelona)

U.K. : First Enterprise

To find an organization in your country of residence, click here. To read about other people’s experience on microfinance, click here.


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