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Cultural Capital: 13 Takes on World Culture in World Trends

Source: via Nola on Pinterest


While it’s always been present, it was only in the sidelines. But these previous years, we saw high end brands and designers drawing inspiration and designs from world culture. Finally, ethnic design has crossed over to the mainstream. We  now see it in fashion, food, lifestyle, design.

Being Friday the 13th, here are 13 takes on World Culture in Trends.

1. Dior inspired by african jewelry.

2. Burberry in african print.

3. Missoni interprets Tibet.

4. Derek Lam brought out its sports side.

5. Ikat finds its home.

6. It takes two to make a saree.

7. Finally taking center stage.

8. Finding inspiration in others’ culture.

9. UAE trends give us a new look at abayas.

10. Zara did it too.

11. Documented on Culture to Catwalk: How World Cultures Influence Fashion

12. Ruling fashion photography.

13. Feeding the world.

Happy weekend, everyone!!!

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