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French Links

Source: via Annie on Pinterest


If you are like me who found herself living in France and deciding to set up a microbusiness here, then these websites may be of interest to you:

APCE (Agence Pour La Creation d’Entreprises) provides us with the information we need from the idea stage to business development. If you’re like me, who is not a citizen, check out the link on Foreign Entrepreneurs.

Make sure to check for specific information or support in your department’s Chamber of Commerce. In some cases, they provide orientations for would-be entrepreneurs. I remember attending one. See the link of Chambers of Commerce and Industries to find the one nearest you.

A special statute for new and micro-entrepreneurs is the Auto-Entrepreneur. If you are just testing the waters and have no or minimal sales yet, you can start as one. Check out The official portal of Auto-entrepreneur.

Another site to check out is the Public Service PME (Petit/Micro Entreprise) Portal

For non-french speakers (again, like me!) Here are some useful links:

Start a Business in France

French Entree

Starting a Business in France by AngloInfo

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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