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On Trends: Customized Convergence

We saw some business and consumer trends this past week. There’s a trend that I have noticed that is not mentioned but should be interesting to take note of.  Some businesses have already done so and are taking advantage of its opportunity. I would like to call this trend, CUSTOMIZED CONVERGENCE.

No doubt that major cities have become multi-cultural. Given, this cultural diversity  opened up business opportunities such as the asian corner store, or the salon specialized in african hairstyles, or the arab tea houses. These businesses are successful because of their very targeted market. But targeted can also mean a smaller share of the market. Innovative businesses playing in the cultural diverse market on the other hand are focusing on the bigger picture. Instead of the differences, they focused on the common points of the market but, and this I think is the key, making sure to customize their services to each client type.

It is the same in the advertising world. Many have recognized this and are now leaning towards cross-cultural ads that focus on what consumers have in common instead of their perceived preferences based on their ethnic backgrounds.  Read what they say about it in this article on The Economist.

For me, this idea is best embodied by Ethnicia, a Paris-based concept beauty boutique whose slogan is “un concept de beautés global et sur-mesure.”  (a global and customized concept of beauty.) Ethnicia addresses the universal need of women for beauty care and providing customized services ensures that specific needs are met.

Ethnicia – Making-Of KERATINE PURE 2 from on Vimeo.

Consumers are global, cultural, ethnic and individual, all at the same time.  Let’s look at clients not for their ethnic origin but for their personal and singular preferences that is influenced not just by their ethnic background but also by the evolving culture, their environment, their tastes and personal aspirations. Understanding this might just help us come up with the next big thing!


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