Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs Europe

We are Women Migrentrepreneurs. Finding our place, making our mark.

Bread & Culture

A social enterprise that capitalizes on traditional knowledge of immigrant women.

Go around the world through a basket of hot bread.

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  1. Sara says:

    This is absolutely amazing!
    The project is such a brilliant idea! And ethical too. Nothing to be taken fro granted at all nowadays…
    Last but not least, I LOVE make bread at home: so many times I thought to transform my passion into something remunerative…


    P.S.: I took note of the books you wrote me about. Thanks!

    • Hi Sara! Yes, it’s a great idea what they’re doing 🙂
      As for your idea about making your passion income generating, I think it’s a great idea too!! I came across this company in the US. It’s called Baby Cakes NYC. The entrepreneur is allergic to gluten but loves desserts very much and she was always baking her own dessert when she visits friends to make sure she can eat them. She thought about others who also have the same problem and so she came up with the idea for her bakery which addresses the needs of those with specific needs. And they did it in such a cool way too!! Check out her website
      I gave Maria Giovanna a copy of their recipe book 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Nola!
    You know what? Two years ago, Erik and I went to Miami, as one of the stop of the two-week holiday all around Florida. Due to our allergy problems, we came across a Venezuelan woman, who cooks vegan cupcakes… It was love at first sight. And the thing is that her story is very close to the NYC girl you wrote about 🙂
    Her drive was the autism of her second child: she discovered that there was a relationship between the hilliness and the diet and the quality of food. So, she decided to translate her grandmother cake recipes into a suitable version for her child. Next step was: “May be, other families have my difficulties with its son’s diet”. Then, she began to cook and sell her allergy-free cupcakes and biscuits. After two years, she sells to huge numbers of distributors and has so many clients! We managed to keep in touch with her: she is a lovely woman.
    Here it is her blog website (Last january, she posted an article written by Erik and I :-)):


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