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Have you considered Social Entrepreneurship?

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Passion and purpose. This for me describes best what a social enterprise is. Passion to succeed is applied to a bigger purpose of improving society and conserving the environment. There is a range of types of social entrepreneurship, with each country having its own definition of what is considered a social business. Here is an article on Inc. Magazine about social entrepreneurship. It gives us a quick reference on the different kinds of social entrepreneurship, whether it’s a non-profit operating a commercial activity or a private/for profit company with social impacts. Make sure to check with your local chambers of commerce for their definition. Bottom line is, these are businesses that have social and/or environmental impacts as a mission aside from financial viability. The European Union definition of social enterprises is “companies that have a positive social impact and address social objectives as their corporate aim rather than only maximizing profit. They are not to be confused with charities for example.”  The social economy in Europe represents 10% of the all businesses and provides employment to at least 11 million people and is said to be one of the fast growing sectors.

As individuals, we have our personal causes, may it be the environment, animal rights, human rights, freedom of speech, etc. Or for some of us, as emigrants of developing countries, we are aware of the social issues in our home countries, in most cases, extreme poverty for some of our fellow nationals. As immigrants, we are exposed to the difficulties of fellow immigrants. And as active members of our local communities in our adopted countries, we see how our skills and knowledge can be applied to address its main concerns. As we think of potential businesses, of creating our own opportunities, we might also think about what our purpose is.

To learn more about social entrepreneurship, check out some of these links.


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