Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs Europe

We are Women Migrentrepreneurs. Finding our place, making our mark.

B in Business: Social Entrepreneur

(Photos from NTFP-TF)

Before coming here, I was already working with women in the field of social entrepreneurship. I had my dream job of turning a cultural resource into a community’s livelihood. I headed a program for a Philippine N.G.O. on Sustainable Enterprise Development and Crafts Marketing, working with various indigenous communities in the country. I had both my passion and purpose.

Moving to Italy then settling in France, I had a hard time finding a job as I didn’t speak the language well enough. This experience led me to finding a new purpose and that is to work with immigrant women in Europe who, like me may also be struggling to find their professional place in their new homes.

As we create our own opportunity, we also have the chance of solving a social or environmental problem. Draw inspiration from your passions and your personal causes.

Businesses to check out:

Forbes Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs

European Social Franchising Network Want to do something that is already tested? Why not try a social enterprise franchise?

Blogs and Websites to browse:  promotes and support social entrepreneurship worldwide.

Unreasonable Institute supports fellows through mentorship and networks. Hear from social entrepreneurs their stories here.

UK Ambassadors of Social Entrepreneurs Be inspired by what others have done.

seToolbelt is a hub for social entrepreneurs to find, share, and collaborate on resources to start and grow their businesses.

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Learn more about how social entrepreneurs are changing the world.

Books to Read:

Here are some free online books I came across.

New Business Planning Guide is a free e-book that was intended for organizations going into social enterprise but is also a useful reference for social entrepreneurs.

StartUp & Change the World by YSEI If you want a hard copy, it’s available for 9$ through this link.

Other books that may be of interest:


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