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The Courage to Start

  “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

Business ideas may abound but there’s that big “C” that we usually need to act on these ideas. And no, it’s not capital. What I’m talking about is COURAGE.

Starting something uncertain in an environment that we are unfamiliar with, in a language we are weakly equipped in is of course easier said than done. Starting a business as an immigrant woman is no easy feat, but it is neither an impossible one. Many immigrant women have taken the challenge, and have succeeded. What makes us different?

When we think about it, the opportunities are there, support is always somewhere to be found. The only thing that could be stopping us is the courage to take the first step.

While I’m not saying to throw caution to the wind, but sometimes we just have to  get out there. Arm ourselves with the knowledge we need, the necessary planning and most importantly, BELIEVE in OURSELVES. Remember, just as we take any job, we are never really prepared or trained for a particular work. We learn most of the things we need to know by DOING.

Join me this week to explore courage and confidence to live the life (and business!) we have imagined (to quote from H.D. Thoreau). Happy Monday, everyone!

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  2. Thanks for the inspiring blog post. I was recently reading some articles that were linked off of the International Women’s Day websites and thinking some of the same thoughts. If you can, I recommend Googling these two articles. Us-women confront courage, influence and confidence more than we think!

    UGM Consulting “Personal Influence At Work In Australia”


    Australian Businesswoman’s Network “Promote yourself and get ahead in business”

    PS International Women’s Day is 8 Mar. There’s some great talk going on online and in big cities around the world.

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