Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs Europe

We are Women Migrentrepreneurs. Finding our place, making our mark.

Courage Through Community

It might be a gender trait or a personality trait or both, but women seem to appreciate the value of community. This is reflected on the number of women’s groups and networks out there.( I have lost count of all the women’s group I came across as I searched for the right network when I was starting out to reestablish myself professionally.) Having a mentor or just having other women to exchange stories and information with or even just to cheer us on  provides us with the courage we need to start or to continue our business.

Here are some women’s network in Europe that you might find interesting:

Women 2.0 If you are into startups.

European Professional Women’s Network  for online and city-based networking.

AFAEMME Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen provides a list of appropriate women’s groups in the region.

Black Women in Europe celebrate and connect women who are part of the African Diaspora.

W.I.N Women’s International Network  inspires women worldwide.

the Hub network does not only provide a work place but also a creative and innovative community to interact with. Find the Hub in your city.

Finally, finding no network specifically for immigrant women entrepreneurs in Europe, I decided to start one. So please do join us at MigrentrepreneurWoman Network, and help us grow the community and spread the courage.

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