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Guest Post: Because starting a business can be tricky ; )

A guest post from Deidre Matthee, a courageous lady herself, sharing with us her work on helping fellow immigrant women like us to draw courage from our own stories. 

 Because starting a business can be tricky ; )  

I have been invited by Nola to share Picara with you, as it is not only a venture I have recently (bravely and hopefully!) started, but also as these creative workshops can be useful in dealing with the tricky situation of starting one’s own business.  One of the reasons I believe this is so, is because they entail the telling and making of stories as a central element(the name ‘picara’ was also inspired by narrative, based on the shape-shifting, constantly transforming, challenging and imaginative figure of the trickster).

The act of hearing, creating and sharing stories can be key to entering the novel world of business, precisely as stories are guides between the familiar and the unknown.  During times of transition, whether it involves quiet steps or a loud leap from here to there, stories provide a sense of security, a container for ambivalence, and a way to making meaning through it all.  In this regard, the workshop ‘Passages: unfolding stories for transition and transformation is worth exploring.

Stories are also vital in encouraging us to create something new in their capacity to stimulate our imaginations: listening to a story, we are urged to suspend disbelief and to assume for a while that anything is possible!  This is one of the themes of the (Make)Believe again’workshop. Allowing ourselves to bask in the glow of the extraordinary {express gasp of awe here}, to re-imagine and dream, can equip us with the creative vision needed to realize our business endeavours.

Finally (though not conclusively!) in relating our stories, we affirm, express and discover ourselves.  This is what the ‘Intimate Migrations’  workshop is all about.  Understanding where we are, unpacking the myriad aspects of our migrant selves, and being recognized for who we are, can help us not only to infuse our businesses with a unique identity, but to claim the confidence that springs from the courage we’ve shown on our journeys.

 Thank you for letting me turn the pages of Picara’s story, and for looking at what they have to tell!


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