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FULL STEAM AHEAD for this Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs Blog

Welcome back to Migrentrepreneur WomanTM! Thank you for hangin’ in there.  The short break gave me a bit of time to think about where I would like to take Migrentrepreneur Woman and how.  More and more, I am realizing how relevant and necessary this blog and network is. It has so much hope and possibilities but it’s something that I cannot do alone, that’s why I am reaching out to you, my fellow immigrant women to help me grow our community.

While the objectives of Migrentrepreneur Woman remains constant, there will be some minor changes in the blog. I would like to make it more personal and more interactive (this means, your participation too!) but still covering the topics that are relevant to us, immigrant women entrepreneurs (and would be entrepreneurs) here in Europe.

What to look forward to?

Cultural Capital Mondays (Yes, you must have noticed that this is my favorite topic!) Culture/cultural diversity is both a context and a resource that we build our businesses on. This means exploring trends, business ideas that are anchored on culture. One thing that sets us apart from the usual business blogs and networks, we will also look at the world of business from a cultural perspective.   

COOs (Creators of Own Opportunities) Crossing Borders Wednesdays talks about business ideas (other than those under Cultural Capital); discusses topics that helps us create our opportunities as well as cross barriers as immigrant entrepreneurs. There will also be features on immigrant women who are creating or have created their opportunities. (If you want to share your story, don’t be shy!! Send me a message now!)

On Diversity Fridays, anything goes. Mostly it will be a mash-up of interesting stuff and reads found around the web. Once in a while, I would be sharing about myself, my life here in the south of France, my life as an immigrant and being in a multi-cultural relationship as well as my personal experiences as an entrepreneur.

I am also excited about growing this network. It’s a colossal task, but as Lao Tzu said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (But if you guys could help, then maybe we’ll cover those thousand miles faster!)

To become more interactive, I’ll be connecting with you not just through this blog, but also through Facebook.  On our facebook page, you’ll find quick posts and links that share business ideas, articles and tools found around the web. But more importantly, you can interact with other immigrant women entrepreneurs through our hosted forums.  Feel free to post relevant and interesting links or topics of discussion. (Please help keep it free from spam, though!) I am also cooking up some interactive and networking activities to shake things up. Something to look forward to this month is the “Super Speed Wall-Post” Business Networking. (More on this in a future post.) Not yet following our facebook page? Join us now.

The Migrentrepreneur Woman Network on Ning is still active but is taking a back seat as the network development is still in its very early stage. However, all of you are welcome to already sign up to join the network. First 100 signees have free membership and are part of the founding members. Sign Up Now.

Finally, to receive updates on posts, events and other network activities, make sure to join our Mailing List.

I hope you are all excited as I am. There’s so much to talk about and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.


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