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Crossing Borders: Create A Vision Board

As we have said in a previous blog post, we need to know first where we’re going before we can even move towards that direction. But when we are disoriented, it’s not always easy to know where to go and which direction to take. I found that creating a vision board is a fun and interesting way to help me get a snapshot of what I want and a constant reminder of where I am going. So I’d like to share this exercise with you here. (By the way, you’ll find more activities like this in an e-course that we are cooking up to be served in September!)

My first vision board was back in 2008 and I am surprised to see that looking back, the things I have put there have become reality.

To make this more fun, try to get a few friends or family together and create your individual vision boards together. (I first organized it with my friends for a new year lunch. Then the next one was with my sister — at the time that we both moved to the other side of the world.

What we’ll need:

1. Go through the pages, and just cut out words, images, symbols that draw your attention. Remember, don’t think, just cut!!  This exercise helps us reach into the back of our minds, our inner dreams and  hopes without having them filtered by our realities.

2. Once you think you have enough and have everything you want, start pasting them on to a board or paper. You’ll be surprised that each cutting will find its right place on your board.
3. Once you got everything pasted, step back and look at your masterpiece.  You will realize that the direction you would like to take has always been clear to you, you just needed to express them and to be reminded.
4. Now put it somewhere you can see it all the time. (I framed mine because I felt that it carries all my current dreams and hopes.) When you feel lost or tired, go back to it to remind yourself of what you want and where you’re headed.
(Funny that I also put the word, REINVENT, on my vision board…)
We’d love to see your vision boards when you make them. You can either post a picture on our facebook wall or send us a link to it.
Have fun!

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