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From spark to sparkle*

Reinventing requires energy – and this means taking care of yourself, doing things that  refresh, inspire, and affirm you – in short: something that lights that glow, makes you shine.  And so, the question for today is…

For me, it could be a new hairstyle (this almost always works…a new outfit or shoes too, I have to admit); a relaxing bath; a walk in nature; a blue-sky burst of sun; creative writing; that moment after returning from travelling someplace else (especially South Africa!)…

What nurtures and revitalizes you?

 I hope you can do at least one thing on your list this weekend.  Have a glamorous one! 😉

~ d*


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One Response

  1. Msanhle says:

    For me, it would be kicking off some self-commitment projects like going on a diet, doing some art projects, etc 🙂

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