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Opening Up with Food

We are a pasta-eater (him!) and a rice-eater (me!) living in a bread-eating country (France!). We can either say that we are doomed or that we’re up for some great gastronomical adventure! I choose the latter.

As I am a fan of food, I find exploring the local gastronomy as the best way to learning about the culture of my current home. (well… especially since we are in the south of France!!!) The dishes and the ingredients give us an interesting (and delicious) glimpse of local history and traditions.  

Reworking a popular saying, “Getting to a man’s heart is through his stomach,I say, getting into the heart of your new home’s culture is through your stomach! So I invite you to learn about your new home through its local food. Open up to the local culture by opening up your kitchen and stomachs! If you have interesting recipes to share, don’t hesitate to share it here (through the comments space or through our Facebook wall. We’d love to hear about it.

This yummy Tielle of Sete, a sea-side town in the south of France, tells of Italian migration

to the region in the 18th century. It’s one of my favorite “history lessons”  Here’s the recipe.

For the month of June, Migrentrepreneur Women Network Blog will be all about food — as a business and as a reference of adaptation in our new homes. Join us on this delicious month by sharing your food business and your food culture with us on Facebook.

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