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Tastes from home

To spice up the weekend, I’m sharing two personal favourites!

The first is a delightful shop in my neighbourhood,  Flor de Açafrão (Flower of Saffron), where one can find an enticing mix of spices, as well as recipes and classes for Indian cooking.

on the shelves: whiffs of other worlds

I asked the friendly shopkeeper what he considered to be the essential ingredient to Indian dishes  – not an easy answer, apparently, as there is a great variety, but he finally decided on…piri-piri peppers!

On this note, secondly I’d like to share {hushed drum roll} my mom’s recipe for Cape Malay chicken curry (this is the simplest version, so that even I could cook it, carefully carried with me all the way to Portugal):

Cape Malay Chicken Curry

~ a family recipe

1 or 2 onions cut in rings

1 teaspoon of ginger and garlic

1 sliced tomato

1,5 tablespoons of curry powder



peas – optional

cardamom, cinnamon, bayleaves


Fry onions in oil until lightbrown.  Add chicken and 1,5 cup of water.  Add ginger and garlic, as well as the tomato.  When chicken is halfway done, say after 15 minutes, add the curry, together with the cardamom, cinnamon and bayleaves.  Add salt.  Add potatoes and boil until soft.  Lastly add peas. 

on display in the shop: a massala flower

Here’s to a hot weekend! 😉 ~ d*


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