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Balancing here/there

One of the biggest challenges of being a migrant, I think, is the precarious balancing act between here and there.  Walking the line (sometimes a bridge, sometimes a tightrope) with one’s feet in more than one world could mean juggling time zones and seasons; maintaining diverse cultures, customs and codes; speaking in-between languages (I even dream in English, Afrikaans and Portuguese by now!); and managing relationships and connections that stretch across continents…

(not) the same sky


(not) the same sea

It could also hold the possibility of fusion, of mixing and creating anew; of finding common places and making different communities; noticing the familiar in the strange and vice versa – in an angled world, we can always have changing perspectives, after all.

How do you balance life t/here?  

What do you find demanding and/ or rewarding?  

How does this influence your business ventures?

We would love to hear from you! ~ d*

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2 Responses

  1. Kanerva says:

    I’ve found that I have to think of life as HERE, ‘there’ is the old life and although the bulk of my family remain ‘there’, it’s impossible to live in two different places. There comes a time when we have to make a conscious decision about where we want the ‘here’ to be.
    I don’t think you can get the most of a place or situation if you spend half your time comparing here to there or visa versa. Having said that, I have incorporated ideas from THERE to help me HERE! That’s just one of the things that separates me from the homegrown (here) product.

  2. I see your point. And I agree about bringing in ideas from there to create our own niche — as a person or as a business!

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