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Cultural Capital: Balance of uniqueness and market acceptance

One of my ventures is the 7100 Islands. It’s a home deco and fashion accessories business whose heart is that of traditional crafts of my home country. Our goal, my partner and I, is to present the work of the Philippine artisans to the world. Being not yet very well known, we felt that we have a niche and a uniqueness that will allow us to stand out in the market. Great, right? But on the other hand, not being known or being new has its downside too. The  public was not quite sure where to peg us. We needed to balance being unique but being acceptable and understandable to the market too. While we are working on introducing more our craft, we have also come up with forms and functions that are more familiar, giving ideas on how our creations can be used and incorporated in a home or daily life.

If you’re working with products that have cultural references, how do you maintain balance of not only limiting yourself to those who are familiar with it?


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