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Going Online

When I got married and moved to a small city in the south of France, where my language skill was enough to buy bread but not to express what I know and can do, the internet became my professional and social lifeline. While I still think connecting locally is very important, I cannot deny that the situation opened me up to a new world of opportunities.

Here are some of the outlets that the internet provides us.

Blogs & Social Networks. This is something I don’t have to introduce, unless you have been living under a rock. Not just used as an online journal, it also is a way to demonstrate expertise and potentially get connections elsewhere (where the language is not an issue!)

Online Shops. Etsy. Big Cartel. E-bay. Shopify. Depending in which country we are or our geographical target, we’ll find one of these. Depending on how we use them, these sites can bridge us to a bigger market out there. Here’s a link that compares the different platforms.

Web 2.0 Businesses. These are businesses that are based on and revolve around the net. These refers to web-based services and products that allow people to share information, interact, and collaborate. From the most simple facebook application, instagram to fast catching applications such as, pinterest, to the useful taskrabbit, the opportunities are only limited by our imagination.

Have you tried looking for opportunities online? We’d love to hear.

These first two weeks of July will be all about internet talk. If you have stories and tips to share, don’t hesitate to click on the comment button below!

Source: via Larry on Pinterest


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    Nice information 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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