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Getting the Word (and product!) Out

If you are a creative wanting reach out to the market, the internet is offering different venues to promote your work. Here’s a list of different sites to get the word and your product out there.

1. For creatives, Behance is a platform to share your work and is basically a social network for creatives. It boasts of unparalleled exposure and being the “go to” place for people looking for new talents. How to get started? Just sign up and build your profile! It’s FREE.

2. For crafters, Etsy may be a good place to start. I know you must have heard of this, one way or another. But make sure to explore the French and German Etsy groups – if you have some language skills! This will help you expand your reach.

Explore other local online crafts sites too, like alittlemarket (in French), DaWanda (German based but also available in English and French), and Folksy if your creations has a brit feel to it.

3. Creative Roots is a blog that features designers whose work are influenced by their country and culture. He has a space on the blog that features creatives from all over the world.

4. For photographers, illustrators, film makers, sound artists, are you familiar with istockphoto? It’s a place to sell your work if you want to earn some extra cash. Check out as well other possible places to sell your photographs here.

5. For painters, why not try, Art Sumo. It’s a site that connects collectors to works of artists from all over the world.

Whatever your medium is, there is a place for you. Good luck!

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