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Autumn Business Cleanse (ABC!)

Autumn has arrived on this side of the world – for me, a season of change and grace.  I am always amazed at how the trees let go: standing ablaze in purging reds and yellows, and the leaves simply falling away.  And so I’ve been thinking: perhaps spring is not the only season for cleaning and starting afresh…which brings me to the idea of an autumn cleanse, letting go of what is no longer useful, or whatever is holding you back in your business.

 (a) Make a list of:

– feelings about your work that drag you down;

– thoughts that have gone stale;

–  actions that don’t work for you.

(b) And delete/ tear up or throw away the page!*

*or any other symbolically cathartic act that helps you let go 😉

(c) Go for a walk among trees…






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