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Monday Inspiration: Do What You Love!

 Let go…Don’t worry about your talent or capability… it is not yours to judge.  It will grow and change over time.  Do not ask “why am I doing this?  Is it the right thing?”  It is enough to know that you want to.  Just do it because you want to.  It will become something on it’s own.  Freaking out about what you “should” be doing does not move you forward, it only serves to stress you on what should be an enjoyable part of your journey.  ENJOY THE PROCESS.  Starting can be the most overwhelming part but it is also exciting and full of possibilities.  Change can be intimidating, unfamiliar, terrifying, self-doubt inducing, down right uncomfortable.  But our lives are too rich and we are too powerful to have anything less than what we truly deserve…to do what we love everyday, to become our most authentic powerful selves, to share our passion with the rest of the world, and to live up to the spirit that is in us, (and not squelch it!)…  You have nothing to lose… The universe is waiting.

~ Keri Smith, How to make a living doing what you love

*Here you can find the full essay: a most-inspiring  must-read!  ~ d*


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