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BizCrush: BabyCakes NYC (Opportunity in Allergy?)

My husband’s parents cannot eat anything that has milk in it or anything that’s been touched by it. So, they had to learn to do certain things on their own like bread, and cake. Turns out, many have the same condition. Looking for a gift for my mother-in-law, I chanced upon BabyCakes NYC. Its story became one of my favorite business stories ever.

The owner, Erin Mckenna, was diagnosed to be allergic to wheat and dairies. Having a major sweet tooth and being a pastry-lover, she didn’t let this news deter her and instead, she tried to find a way to recreate her favorite desserts without the unwanted ingredients. In doing so, she had created her own business niche. BabyCakes NYC was born.

The bakery became a haven for kids and adults alike who have food allergies as well as for vegans, a growing market that limited shops catered to. They offer pastries that are gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, egg free that all taste wonderful. The popularity of the shop should attest to that.

What I love about this business story is that it grew out of the entrepreneur’s personal story,  battling a condition that prevented her from eating what she loved most, and triumphing in the end through a lot of research and hardwork; and then made distinct by her personality.

Watch her on this video with Martha Stewart:


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