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Brainstorming a brand-new image

I am drawn to beautiful packaging.  Yes, I confess, I am one of those people who would probably say: you had me at the vintage label/ funky design.  Of course, it is the quality of the product and integrity of the service that matter most.  But I am intrigued by how one communicates that through the look and feel of what is being offered.  And while coming up with an image that captures it all is a constant creative challenge, I’ve found the following questions helpful for an initial brainstorm:
* what is the mood that you want to convey? (here, creating a visual mood board is a fun and useful activity… or at least an opportunity to immerse yourself in dreamy imagery!)
* what are the key values that your business/ product/ service embodies; and how could you translate that in terms of colour, form and texture?
* if your brand was a room/ favourite outfit/ animal/ song (ok, you get the idea?), what would it be…?

Ps: Also interesting is finding out how to connect with your brand.  And once all the hard work is done, to celebrate with a brand launch party! 😉 d*




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