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Set Your Target Straight

Source: via Joann on Pinterest

Entering the 4th week of the year, have you already set your targets for 2013?

With so much to do but limited time and resources, it’s important to know how each action will bring us closer to our goals. In order to do that we have to have our targets clear. This means having specific ones.  Instead of just saying, I would like my business to be profitable this year, say, “I need to make a sales of XYZ euros this year in order for my business to be profitable”. Or instead of saying “I will lose weight this year.”, say, I will lose 5 kilograms this year. This makes it easier for us to breakdown our target into actions. In order to make that XYZ sales, how many products do I need to sell? How many clients do I need to reach? From there, plan how we will be able to reach those figures. This way we prioritize activities that takes us closer to this goal. Sometimes we get so busy with so many activities. But are all these activities necessary to reach our goals? Are we focusing on the right activities to reach them?

To help with target setting, remember the S.M.A.R.T. goals?

S – SPECIFIC  As mentioned above, the goal has to be clearly defined. Be as specific as possible.

M – MEASURABLE  – Translate your targets into something that you can count or measure. A number of clients? A X% increase in sales? Set milestones so you can see that you are advancing and celebrate each milestone! (That should help with keeping the motivation 🙂

A – ATTAINABLE – Be realistic about your goal. You cannot target a sales of 1000 pieces of Product X if the production capacity is only 500 pieces. Knowing your capacity, resources and the realities, what is feasible for you?

R – RELEVANT – Make sure that your target resonates with your environment and your business. Are the targets in line with your business’ mission? Are the consumers looking for this product/service? Is it the right time for this?

T – TIME-BASED – Give yourself a time-frame. This way you know how much time you have to reach the goal, to know if it’s realistic. It will also prevent you from procrastinating and giving excuses. Give yourself a deadline and do what you have to do to reach that goal.

So don’t just keep yourself busy, but get busy with things that matter. Set your target straight!


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