Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs Europe

We are Women Migrentrepreneurs. Finding our place, making our mark.


Migrentrepreneur WomenTM is a Blog and Network created specifically for migrant Women Entrepreneurs in Europe. Aside from providing INFORMATION, INSPIRATION, IDEAS, and share in your INTERESTS, Migrentrepreneur WomanTM is more importantly a platform of INTERACTION for us migrant women entrepreneurs across Europe and the world.

INFORMATION We’ll keep you posted on relevant news, know-how, events and opportunities to help you create or grow your business.

INSPIRATION Draw inspiration and learn from the experience of the immigrant women who have made it in Europe or in other parts of the world.

IDEAS Whether you are thinking of setting up your own business or how to grow it, you’re sure to find some ideas or seeds of inspiration here.

INTERESTS Every now and then, you’ll come across features on the day-to-day of an immigrant woman’s life, living in a different culture and creating one’s own opportunity. Feel free to join in on the conversation.

INTERACTION Take advantage of the venues to connect, exchange information and discuss relevant topics with peers and fellow immigrant women in the language that you know well. Simply connect with us through our FACEBOOK PAGE or join or host a CafeMigrentrepreneur, a face to face get together in your cities. (If you would like to organize one in your city, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Just click here. And to connect and share your experiences, add your blog to our blogroll. Send us a message. 



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