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Mind map your way to business!

Revisiting my old bookshelf, I got reconnected with the book on Mind Mapping of Tony Buzan. I remember using the tool to make notes and review for exams and now for business concept development, brainstorming and marketing planning.

Mind Mapping is a visual representation of concepts, information and associations that makes use of key words, lines, colors and drawings. It can be as simple or as complex as the mapper pleases.

If you find writing text heavy business plans a chore, why not try this? (Unfortunately, you cannot present this to a bank to apply for a loan!) But it will be easier to refer back to as you go through the day to day of business.  So a combination of both is best! 😀


Via Using Mind Maps

Here are some links to know more:

Mind Mapping and Bootstrapping 

Mind Map Tutor shows the step by step to your business mind map.

Explore resources on Mind Mapping for Business here.


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Perspective: looking forward; looking back


December is here, and for many of us that means the last little bit(e) of the year.  I feel like I’ve been running a marathon, and  seriously need to pause and re-group (never been quite sure of that word, but it seems fitting for when one’s all over the place)!  And so, as it is Monday, and winter is encouraging us to be inside, shall we take a moment to reflect?*

  • If you think back on the past year, what are the events that stand out for you?
  • What do you look forward to for the new year?
  • What changes would you like to see…and do you have any ideas on how to make them happen?

*Relax, rejoice, recharge… more re this to come! ~ d*

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Brainstorming a brand-new image

I am drawn to beautiful packaging.  Yes, I confess, I am one of those people who would probably say: you had me at the vintage label/ funky design.  Of course, it is the quality of the product and integrity of the service that matter most.  But I am intrigued by how one communicates that through the look and feel of what is being offered.  And while coming up with an image that captures it all is a constant creative challenge, I’ve found the following questions helpful for an initial brainstorm:
* what is the mood that you want to convey? (here, creating a visual mood board is a fun and useful activity… or at least an opportunity to immerse yourself in dreamy imagery!)
* what are the key values that your business/ product/ service embodies; and how could you translate that in terms of colour, form and texture?
* if your brand was a room/ favourite outfit/ animal/ song (ok, you get the idea?), what would it be…?

Ps: Also interesting is finding out how to connect with your brand.  And once all the hard work is done, to celebrate with a brand launch party! 😉 d*




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Understanding branding (?)

What would you like your brand to say? And how can your brand communicate your message?
More on this coming up!

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Dear Fear and Doubt, I’m letting you go

Letter of Dismissal

Dear Fear and Doubt

I hereby wish to inform you that I will no longer be requiring your services.  I understand that you have been active employees in the Department of Caution for many years.  However, it has come to my attention that your level of productivity has been consistently low, which is perplexing, especially given your high level of resource consumption.  Moreover, there has been reports of trouble with co-workers, notably some irregularities in your interaction with Sound Judgment.  Difficult as this may be, I am sure you are aware of the potential dangers if this situation is allowed to continue, and I trust that you will respect my decision to let you go.


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Autumn Business Cleanse (ABC!)

Autumn has arrived on this side of the world – for me, a season of change and grace.  I am always amazed at how the trees let go: standing ablaze in purging reds and yellows, and the leaves simply falling away.  And so I’ve been thinking: perhaps spring is not the only season for cleaning and starting afresh…which brings me to the idea of an autumn cleanse, letting go of what is no longer useful, or whatever is holding you back in your business.

 (a) Make a list of:

– feelings about your work that drag you down;

– thoughts that have gone stale;

–  actions that don’t work for you.

(b) And delete/ tear up or throw away the page!*

*or any other symbolically cathartic act that helps you let go 😉

(c) Go for a walk among trees…





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