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We are Women Migrentrepreneurs. Finding our place, making our mark.

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To find out more about Picara and their workshops on courage, rediscovery and self realization, please click on the picture or here.


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Bridging Markets Business Opportunities

There are different ways we can bridge markets. Here’s a run down of some of them.

1) Import and exports are the main means of bridging markets. Are there products in your home country that can serve a demand in your host country or vice versa?

2) Travel is a fun way to connect the two markets– either sending tourists to your country or welcoming visitors from there. Find your niche and give tourism between the two countries a fresh angle.

3) Telecommunication, Transport and Remittance are some of the opportunities that link fellow  immigrants to their home countries and vice versa. In what ways can you facilitate these links? With the fast development of the internet, mobile cash, and other facilities, what innovations in service can you provide?

4) Culture Exchange can build bridges too — long-term ones. Awareness of culture leads to appreciation, to links, which eventually leads to ties and opportunities. Cuisine, Art, Fashion, Language, Music, Crafts, Lifestyle…are just some of the things that you can draw inspiration from.

Do you see more opportunities? Are there other means to take advantage of these markets? Do share. We’d love to hear from you.

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Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Dual Opportunities, Bridging Markets

While they do face difficulties, studies see immigrant or ethnic entrepreneurship as having double opportunities — two countries, two languages, two markets.

Exposure to two markets allows us to make connections, seeing demands and matching solutions. Knowledge of two or more languages give us the facility to communicate in both countries. Contacts on both sides help us to maneuver the different systems. All these allow us to bridge markets, creating opportunities for ourselves as well as that of our communities and for the two countries between which we move in.

What opportunities do you see in looking in, out and between your home country and your host country? How can you bridge the two markets?

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An Opportunity: Share Your Culture


I am currently working on a start-up whose main mission is to have everyone experience the cultural richness of the world right in their own cities, even in their own living rooms. If you are in Europe and your business is based on your own culture, whether it’s in fashion, food, design, arts and craft, music, etc. or you have skills and knowledge to teach, may it be playing traditional instruments, language, traditional craft, cuisine, dance, then we can possibly work together. If you are interested to know more, send me a message through the contact form. I look forward to meeting you!



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Migrentrepreneur Woman Network Dry Run

Finally, it is up and running and now open for a dry run. We are looking for 25 to 30 migrant women entrepreneurs in Europe who would like to start getting to know other fellow migrentrepreneurs and get a FREE MW VIP Membership for LIFE!

The idea is to get the party started. Like all parties, it just gets on high drive when people start coming in. But on the bright side, for early guests, it is easier to strike a conversation, get to know people better and have interesting tête à tête.

If you would like to be invited to the pre-party, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or send an email to migrentrepreneurw(at)

See you soon!!

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Pool of Resource Persons

Our sister organization is looking for people to build their pool of resource persons. If you are an expert in enterprise development, marketing, finance, etc. and is multilingual (arab, turkish, french, spanish, italian or german.) Do leave us a note or visit their site and leave a message on the contact form! We look forward to meeting you.

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