Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs Europe

We are Women Migrentrepreneurs. Finding our place, making our mark.



Area: Enterprise Development Advisory and Financing; Immigrant Entrepreneurship


Here is the English Version (by Google Translate).

ALMI’s program on immigrant entrepreneurship, in partnership with IFS, aims to provide assistance, advice and financing for foreigners who would like to start a business, or who are already running a business in Sweden. They also have a special program that aims to encourage more women of foreign background to try out entrepreneurship.

Other information they can help you with:

You can get help with:

General advice on your language issues related to business startup or expansion.

– Discuss your business idea 
We go through your business idea and helps you to assess the prospects for the success of the business with regard to the market, your personal circumstances and financial resources.

– Establish business plan and budget 
We help you with writing business plans, establish cash flow budget, performance budget, etc before a loan application to banks, Almi, or application for start-up grant.

Register your business 
We help you with filling in forms to the Tax, Companies Registration Office, etc.

Information about agencies and state 
We will inform you of various rules and permits required in your specific case.


Area: Immigrant Entrepreneurship


In English (*Google Translate)

IFS is a foundation that supports immigrant entrepreneurship through skills development and advocacy. They provide advice to immigrant entrepreneurship through their partnership with ALMI.


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