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The heArt of the Street: an interview with Ana and Shaun

About a year ago, I was wandering through a market in the streets of Porto’s old town, when all of a sudden I was transported to the streets of South Africa.   I had spotted a stall with the familiar colourful and intricate beadwork figures that could only be from there…  And this is how I met Ana and Shaun, the crafty couple behind Street Beadz.  Today I’d like to introduce you to them too!

images courtesy of Street Beadz

How did you get started with Street Beadz?
During our stay in South Africa and being located in Knysna, we had the privilege of seeing amazing artists at work and we fell in love with it.  Knowing that we’d shortly be returning to Portugal, we decided to join our love of art and the basic need of making a living and to start doing it here.

What would you say are the challenges you face in your work?
The first challenge was learning how to do this from scratch and the fact that the work itself is very time-consuming.  Other than that, every new day and new project present challenges in themselves; and as the seasons change we try and change our projects. As we sell mainly at markets and mostly outdoors, the weather is a big factor, then the location and the people –  you can never predict the outcome of the day. These are the challenges, but it’s also the pleasure in doing what we do.

Shaun at work!

Where do you get your inspiration?
Africa!  Mainly… But being a team as well, we draw inspiration from each other (brain storming!).  A lot of inspiration comes from developing of our skills and our abilities – this way we can create more and think bigger, outside the box!  Also the constant urge to want to improve and do something better helps.  Right now we are very inspired by home decor and our new winter line.

a window on both worlds

Street Beadz is a unique find here – the beat of Africa in the heart of Porto.  Thanks, Ana and Shaun!  ~ d*


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