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Breaking news: Reporting on the European Integration Forum (2012)

Nola and I had the privilege of attending the 8th European Integration Forum in October this year, and I am happy to announce that the report on this interesting and informative event is now available here – and well worth reading, given the light it sheds on (so-called) migrant entrepreneurship (a concept that was in itself fervently debated).

Taken at dawn on the way to the first day of the Forum!

I would like to highlight the major issues that emerged during the roundtable discussion migrant entrepreneurship in which Nola and I participated:
access is key, not only to financial resources, but also to networks and social capital;
– it is essential to increase the visibility of migrant entrepreneurs through public celebration of their achievements, and especially via traditional and (increasingly also) social media;
– support services from local authorities should focus on streamlining bureaucratic procedures, and ensuring that information and advice regarding these processes are readily available;
– building relationships of trust is vital; and
– further emphasized  was  the importance of having the right mentors to provide support and guidance, as well as to introduce would-be migrant entrepreneurs to relevant contacts and connections.

* Also note the conclusions reached across the various roundtables (which centered on matching labour needs, overcoming obstacles to integration and entrepreneurship) – to be found on page 6 of the report.)

As always, your thoughts and comments are invited! ~ d*


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Learning experience

This week marked the successful completion of two courses I recently participated in: the first was an academic year-long course on Portuguese at an intermediate level; the second an entrepreneurship course for immigrants.  Both included skills I had decided I needed to develop.  Both also involved a challenge in terms of language,  and in the end were immensely useful in helping me to articulate and express my ideas in Portuguese.  The training in entrepreneurship focused on basic business concepts, and also comprised a series of one-on-one consultancy sessions.  While I appreciated obtaining practical information, I would have enjoyed a more interactive, dynamic way of learning, more attention to cultural capital, as well as affirmation of the resources and capacities we as participants already brought to the table.   For me the best part of both courses was the opportunity to meet and connect with others who shared similar experiences, and the excited buzz created by a group of people from all over the world!

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* What are the tools you need to build your work where you are? What would equip you to achieve what you want?

* What would you expect from an introductory training course on entrepreneurship?

* What do you think are requirements in terms of knowledge specific to migrant (/inter-national/ foreign) entrepreneurs?

We would love to hear from you!

Ps Next week we’ll feature a new theme sure to be of interest: working (it) online!  Happy weekend! ~ d*

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Migrentrepreneur Woman Network Dry Run

Finally, it is up and running and now open for a dry run. We are looking for 25 to 30 migrant women entrepreneurs in Europe who would like to start getting to know other fellow migrentrepreneurs and get a FREE MW VIP Membership for LIFE!

The idea is to get the party started. Like all parties, it just gets on high drive when people start coming in. But on the bright side, for early guests, it is easier to strike a conversation, get to know people better and have interesting tête à tête.

If you would like to be invited to the pre-party, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or send an email to migrentrepreneurw(at)

See you soon!!

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Best Migrant Entrepreneurs 2011 – Italy

Last June, a remittance company recognized the various migrant entrepreneurs in Italy for their work. 2 out of the 6 awardees are women. Read the article here.

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What is a Migrentrepreneur Woman?

An entrepreneurial migrant woman, first generation or of migrant origin, who controls her destiny and creates her opportunity to find her place and make her mark in her new home and country of residence while celebrating her roots, her uniqueness and taking inspiration and finding opportunity in diversity.

Are you one? If you are, sign up and connect with women like you. We look forward to meeting you!

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