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Words of the Week

It’s not easy to start one’s own business. And we need to be aware of this.  If you’re not strong (and even if you are) it can break you.  But the harder they make it for me, the more I will persist.  I will not give up!

~ my friend Theresa, in the process of setting up her own cafe {words I sure needed to hear this week ~ d*}


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Friday Inspiration: Notes from the 2012 European SME week Summit

Today I’d like to share a few words of wisdom from the recent European SME week.  The summit focused specifically on women’s entrepreneurship, and Nola and I attended a session that highlighted women entrepreneurs with a migrant background.  The room sizzled with energy, much of which was transmitted by the inspiring, bold speakers!  These are some of their messages and sharp observations that resonated with me:

  • We face a stack of challenges: the persistence of stereotypes that depict us as “lacking”, “passive” and/or  “outsiders”; isolation (in that we have to establish contacts and build connections from scratch); bureaucratic procedures so complicated they are almost demoralizing…to name but a few.
  • However, our strength can not be under-estimated: it takes a certain courage to move and start anew.  And  our capacity to adapt, to manage uncertainty, to learn and figure out new codes, all speak to the fact that we are resourceful.
  • We encompass multiple identities, and this is something we can use to our advantage.
  • Having mentors to learn with (not only “from”, and not in a “top-down” way) can be key in supporting and guiding us through the process of setting up and developing our businesses.
  • Sometimes we have to make mistakes.  There seems to be particular pressure on us to succeed, to prove ourselves, that makes it even more difficult to deal with failure.  But no-one is super(hu)man, and we all fail at some stage, and it’s okay.

There is, of course, more to each of these points, and still more important issues to raise.  This is just a start.  And we’d love to hear your thoughts! 



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Caterpillars & Butterflies: Starting Anew & Reinvention

Spring has been in a playful mood this year, playing hide and seek with us these past weeks. Now, it looks like it has resolved to stay, so we now can open windows and let a bit of that fresh breeze in.

If you follow this blog, you must have noticed that I had been quiet the past month. I was busy “doing” and “thinking.”

When I created the MigrentrepreneurTM Women Network and Blog last year, I had so much vision and goals for it. And I still do!! But it had been like a caterpillar — moving so00 slow! That there were times I wasn’t sure where it was going.

But it kept… and it keeps going and trudging forward because we know that at some point, it’s going to reveal itself to be a beautiful butterfly and carry out its purpose of pollinating flowers and spreading seeds on its way.

So while we have been quiet,  you must have noticed a change here and there. We have kept busy like caterpillars, working (and eating!!) to create a Migrentrepreneur Women Network and Blog that is inspirational and one that contributes to the pollination and spread of the spirit of entrepreneurship among migrant women here in Europe.

And yes, I said, WE. Over the course of the hibernation month, we have a new migrentrepreneur woman on board. You’ve seen her here before. Her name is Deidré and you can read more about her here if you just scroll down a bit.

Together, we are creating and preparing posts, activities and events to build and grow the network. So there are a lot of things to look forward to as we go to the second half of the year. 🙂

Finally, caterpillars and Butterflies also represent for us this month’s theme: REINVENTION. As migrant women,  or as business owners, in order to adapt and grow, we may need to reinvent ourselves. So, we will be exploring this theme over the month and we hope that you will join us.

Feel free to send us a message through the comment form below or through a post on our facebook page to get the discussion going.

ciao! – ñ (nola)

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